1. For iOS 14: go to Settings, then follow the illustrations below.
    For iOS 13/12/11: go to Settings > Accounts & Passwords.
    For iOS 10: go to Settings > Mail > Account


  2. The phone will now attempt to configure your mailbox settings automatically.  If it succeeds, you’ll be asked which items you’d like to sync (mail, contacts, etc.) If auto-configuration fails, you will be asked to enter the information manually (Step 5).
  3. Enter the information as provided by Octagon:

  5. Tap Save to complete the process. Mail should begin flowing in a few moments.


  • By default, new data is ‘pushed’ to your phone as it arrives on the server. If you prefer to fetch new data on a schedule or to only pull new data manually, go to Settings > Fetch New Data to change the settings.
  • To change how many days worth of data is synced to your device, go to Settings > Mail > Account, select your account. The default setting is 3 days.